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My name is Maxwell. I'm Irish, Christian, and a part of the Rebel Alliance. I enjoy animation, indie music, football, energy drinks, and other cultures. I'm a scholar of music, and write a bit.

I'm open-minded, but strong in my beliefs. I love a good debate. You may not like me for that, but treat me with friendship and respect and I will do the same to you. Love all people.

The Oppressed Little Fetus: I Guess






you could say that “pro-life” supporters are “anti-choice”.

But to be fair, “pro-choice” supporters are “anti-life”.

If we’re all so anti-life…

How have you even attempted to build even the most miniscule part of a solid argument?  And for your information, I have had many discussions with the opposing viewpoint and people whom I would not consider trolls, as they have respectfully presented to me their viewpoints.  You, on the other hand, are most definitely a troll, and if you fail to see that, then you are unintelligent as well.  Gosh, if you’re going to be a trolling d-bag then at least admit it!

The irony and utter hypocrisy of your argument is astounding, and disgusting.  You say that it’s better to kill instead of doing everything else medically possible, and even possibly seeing that baby survive?  You are sick, and your entire argument is disgusting.  Anti-life and their terrible propaganda, it’s shocking, really…  And yet these are the same people that get mad at pro-life supporters for showing gruesome pictures of aborted fetuses.  It’s not like we’re the ones making it happen.

I agree, it is wrong to kill abortion doctors.  Hypocritical, yes.  But you can’t say that this is MY doing, or the entire pro-life argument.  It’s generalization and unfairly groups us all together to support your argument.  Another trick of deception to gain support for your cause. HOW CAN YOU SAY OUR LAWS ARE THE ONES THAT “COULD KILL PEOPLE” WHEN YOUR LAWS ARE KILLING THOUSANDS OF HUMAN LIVES PER DAY?

Lives that would survive after childbirth if it wasn’t for anti-life people.  Sick and disgusting.  Foolish and hypocritical.

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    At the risk of others, that is not pro-life. I am pro-life because I support efforts to sustain all life, without...
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    I understand that many “pro-life” people honestly believe that they’re preserving life… but by restricting women’s...
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    That last sentence is hilarious.
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    RTing for the “shit my pants” comment lmfao. So much yes!! Hahaha.
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    Dear lord, this is what happens when education is always on the chopping block during budget talks. The false...
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    Ugh that last sentence is perfect and to make a comment: TECHNICALLY, you cannot say that fetus is going to become a...
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    So much awesome shit on my dash right now, oh yeah.
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    Before running in the opposite direction of this post I had to reblog it and share my running away screaming with you...
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    the fact he doesn’t even have a uterus and has percent idea how scary it can be just to even THINK you are pregnant when...
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    I don’t think he wants to understand. I think it’s just fun for him to refer to everyone as a troll and pretend he is...
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    Pro-choice isn’t pro-abortion. It’s about wanting everyone to be able to choose for themselves.